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Sulawesi is one the biggest islands in Indonesia, situated on the center of the archipelago. Seen from map, it has a whimsical form, looks like an orchid flower. Also it's well known as Celebes, where the name was given by the Portuguese Sailors when they arrived in this island in 1548 to find the spices. It's an incredible story that the name of Celebes came from the miss-understanding between a Portuguese guy and a local people of this island. Today, Sulawesi Island with its territory about 174.600 kms square, consists of six provinces; they are North Sulawesi with its capital Manado, the Province of Gorontalo with its capital Gorontalo, Central Sulawesi with its capital Palu, West Sulawesi with its capital Mamuju, South-East Sulawesi with its capital Kendari and the last is the Province of South Sulawesi with its capital Makassar, also known as Ujung Pandang from 1970 until the year of 2000. Sulawesi has the most extensive mountainous areas in Indonesia, and it's one of Indonesia’s territories which have the most extensive tropical forests, after Sumatra Island and Kalimantan, that make Sulawesi has more than 113 species of endemic birds which spread over around Lore Lindu National Park in the Central Sulawesi, Dumonga Bone in the province of Gorontalo, then Mahawu Volcano, Tangkoko Nature Reserve & Batu Alus in the North Sulawesi; Watumohai in South East Sulawesi, then Karaenta National Park, Malino Highland & Mount Lompobattang in the South of Sulawesi. Certainly by these advantages, Sulawesi is one of best world destination for the Birding Tours lovers. This  Big Island also has various ethnic groups with different cultures, traditions, religions, native languages that will be very interesting to explore when you travel in Sulawesi. Not only those things. Sulawesi offers many areas of white sandy beaches with fascinating coral gardens. Then your trip in Sulawesi, can be combined between adventure trekking to explore its beauty of nature, cultural sightseeing and marine tours. Then for you who do like different type of adventures, Sulawesi is a wonderful place for you who do like having trips with Bicycle. Cycling tours around Sulawesi offer fantastic experiences where you will find the different atmosphere in each region of the island. And for you who do like a challenging water adventure, Sulawesi has 2 famous rivers with challenging currents; river Maulu in Tana Toraja and river Sa’dan in Enrekang are ideal for Fun White Water rafting with spectacular views in surrounding areas. Indeed all those Sulawesi trips activities can be combined in one package and absolutely will give you an unforgettable trips than you have ever had.


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